Dr. Cécile Lyons


My mission is to recognize opportunity for growth, facilitate resolution of problems, and enable a person to realize purpose and potential.

I am a confidant, ally, and resource, whether you are seeking personal growth or struggling with life challenges. Sometimes I will be in front of you offering guidance, other times behind you giving encouragement, but always alongside you providing profound regard, deep listening, and a compassionate perspective informed by knowledge and wisdom accrued in years of study and experience.

With discovery comes purpose and vitality.
With belief comes hope and possibility.

Discovery & Belief — together — enable you to transform challenge into opportunity and realize your potential.

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What is Psychotherapy?

Drawing on years of study, training, and experience, a psychotherapist is a catalyst for self-discovery, growth, and change. Sometimes confidant and ally, sometimes mentor or provocateur, the psychologist creates a safe space to explore and address alternatives for a more fulfilled life and meaningful relationships. Psychological methods, in-person meetings, and prescriptions for attainable actions are directed to helping a person improve their mental health and overall wellbeing.

By working with a psychotherapist, you will develop more self-understanding and appreciation, discover unrecognized strengths, build resilience, expand capacity to resolve problems when they arise, and improve your ability to realize personal intentions and potential.

Who I Serve

Are you struggling with life problems? Seeking meaning in the complexity of today's world? Changing your habitual patterns and automatic responses requires courage and perseverance. These undertakings are most successful when a secure therapeutic alliance is in place and both individuals are committed to moving into vulnerable territory.

If you're looking to define your purpose in the world, work through a life-changing event, gain better clarity over your financial state, improve your relationships, deepen your ability to trust and love, or just live more fully, I'm here for you and I can help. I serve individuals, couples, families, groups, teams, and organizations.