"In the best or worst of times and in between, psychotherapy is a gift you give yourself!"

Cécile Lyons


To prosper is to thrive and flourish. The term prosperity encompasses abundance, security, good fortune, freedom, and opportunity. It is not static; its momentum derives from generosity and gratitude. Both energizing and empowering, prosperity is underscored by the conviction that there is room for all. Prosperity is, therefore, a mind-set founded more on self-worth than net-worth.

Money, however, is undeniably a component of prosperity. Since financial well-being is often understood as having ‘more than enough,’ the challenge to realizing the fullness of prosperity lies in determining what is ‘enough.’ When money consumes our focus and obscures the essence of prosperity, there is seemingly never enough. At that point, our felt sense of abundance is replaced by a certitude of scarcity. Comfort, stability, and freedom—secured by our means—is replaced by worry and want.

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Financial Therapy

Financial therapy creates a balancing point at the intersection of emotion and cognition, trust and mistrust. When working with a couple, family, or business, I expand our process to analyze the money-related dynamics within these relationships; we can then move forward in transparent collaboration. Using understandings from financial psychology and behavioral economics, I mine life events and organize contextual puzzle pieces to reveal the familial and societal forces that have influenced your story. As the pieces come together, we can identify the behavioral patterns that you have created to manage financial matters. These form the money story that is on a continuous loop and is unconsciously influencing your relationship to money in the here and now.

When your money narrative is made explicit, it can be examined, tested, and rewritten to reflect your aspirations for the future.

My responsibility is to guide you through this process of discovery and change. I support and encourage your growth as you gain insight, define a new path toward your desired outcomes, persevere during the inevitable setbacks, and take the steps needed to achieve true prosperity.